I live in West London with my husband and two small boys. We’ve started this blog as a way to track and share our journey as we learn about parenting, life and all that comes with it! Along with all the regular challenges facing the parents of young children. we will in addition be moving across the world from the UK to Tasmania within the next year and so our metaphorical journey will be running in parallel with a physical one – wish us luck!

Our style of parenting started out quite mainstream but is becoming more like attachment parenting – we babywear, co-sleep, breastfeed, try to practice gentle discipline and are looking forward to baby-led weaning.

What’s in a name? Along The Cherry Lane is taken from the lyrics of Puff, The Magic Dragon – essential bedtime reading in our house. Our eldest son won’t go to sleep without a rendition of the song and look through the gorgeous illustrations in this book.