Hellyer Gorge, Tasmania

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It’s already fourteen days into 2011 so it’s a bit late for saying Happy New Year but what can I do – life is chaotic at the moment so I’ll blog as and when I can.

I’m not doing resolutions this year but I do want to set out my Hopes (and Fears) for 2011.

In February we will be moving from the UK (my husband’s home) to Tasmania (my home). I’m so excited to be returning home after 13 years living as an expat but also fully aware of the challenges we will face. We will be trying to build a new life for ourselves and our boys, pretty much from scratch. My fantasy life would embrace the following:

  • minimalism and simple living
  • healthy whole foods
  • grow-your-own and an element of self-sufficiency
  • starting my own sling and natural parenting business
  • home educating

However I know a lot of these are unlikely to be achievable in the short-term, or even the long term, but I like to dream and even if I can make small advances in these directions that would be something.

My fear is that we will end up simply transplanting our current lifestyle to the other side of the world and end up no better off.