Project 333 began today – and it is a workday which meant I had to get up early and get dressed as quickly and quietly as possible so as not to wake either of the children. This morning it was an absolute breeze! No messing around trying to find a suitable outfit – I simply opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of jeans and smart t-shirt from the tops of the piles. Job done. No need to rummage, or even think about it. I knew that everything was a) suitable to wear to work (work dress is casual but not scruffy); b) coordinated; and c) clean.

The only fail came when I was about to leave the house and decided it was cold enough to warrant wearing a hat. I haven’t yet sorted out the drawer of hats, scarves, gloves etc and I couldn’t easily find the one I had decided was part of my 33 items. So I went without a hat (it wasn’t that cold after all). Tonight I’m going to rectify that problem.

I also started tracking my project on (here) as inspired by this guy.

I’m stupidly excited about this!