Baby Led Weaning

Image by moon_child via Flickr

My youngest son recently turned 6 months and so we are starting to introduce solid foods following the Baby Led Weaning approach. We went down the more traditional route (baby rice, purees, spoon-feeding) with our other son so this feels like a new adventure. I’ve read the book by Gill Rapley and am excited to see how it works.

He’s not sitting up unaided yet which is one of the signs of readyness for BLW but can sit well supported in the highchair and he’s really interested in our food so I’ve been giving him a few things to try. So far I don’t think he’s actually eaten anything but he is enjoying playing with it, and at the moment that’s what it is all about.

He’s had broccoli, baby corn, bread, chips, and tonight he really enjoyed playing with some spaghetti. So far, so good!