I’ve been doing rather too much reading of other blogs and not enough posting on this one lately so here are some of the things I’ve discovered and my thoughts on them. Not really very parenting related but nevermind.

Travelling light – No Baggage Challenge
This guy is currently travelling around the world with no luggage at all. Not even a carry on bag. Everything he carries has to fit in his pockets. At first it sounds mad but then it sounds oddly liberating. And it has inspired me to see how lightly I can travel on a day to day basis. Today I have ditched the cool bag for my lunch (since I no longer also need it for expressed milk) and have my lunch in my handbag. Even when out with the kids I’m going to try to travel lighter.

Do it every day – Huffington Post
This post about overcoming procrastination (timely in light of my last post) says that the advice she was given when starting a blog is that it’s easier to do it every day than three or four times a week. I guess because then there is no decision to make and no putting it off until tomorrow. You just have to do it. Let’s see if it works.

Craft with wooden blocks – How Does She?
I so want to make some of these. Especially the picture puzzle one. Now where can I get some wooden blocks from??