It is DS1’s third birthday soon and in order to help him understand what is going on I made a countdown chart. I printed off a page with nine squares, each one with the day and date above a large empty space. Then in the spaces I drew pen sketches of what was happening each day (friends coming to play, going to nursery, birthday party, going to grandma’s, actual birthday) and let him colour them in. Each night we have been crossing the day off and talking about what we’ll do the next day.

So today was ‘go to the library’ as his books were due back and I’d drawn pictures of books so he would remember. But the day turned out to be wet and miserable and we got busy at home so I decided we wouldn’t go, I would renew the books online in the evening.

At about 5pm I was cooking in the kitchen and DS1 was chatting to himself behind me, something about Dora The Explorer. Then I realised he was looking at the chart and ‘ticking off’ the boxes like Dora does. “Friends coming, tick! Nursery, tick! Library….Mummy! We have to go to the library now!” Uh oh. My chart had worked too well. He was adamant we had to go to the library. So we did. At 6pm. In the middle of rush hour traffic. And he fell asleep in the car on the way. And the baby screamed all the way there. So that will teach me not to go changing plans once I have told them to the little guy!

But I am very, very proud of him for working out the chart!