This week for Crafty Tuesday I put the kids to work making things for DS1’s third birthday party this weekend. Apologies for the poor quality pictures – I’d left my camera upstairs so used my iPhone to grab a few shots.

First I cut A4 sheets of coloured card in half lengthways and let the kids decorate them with stickers and crayons. I’m going to roll them into tubes and pop them in clear cellophane bags to make party bags. This activity went down really well.

Then I tried an idea I’d had to make little shakers using old film canisters and adding a ribbon tassel but this proved a bit too tricky for little fingers to manage so have put those aside to do myself over the next day or two.

Next we decorated some plastic plates and wine goblets with coloured jewels, stars and sequins. This also proved popular (I think because it involved glue!) and I’ve assembled the finished products to make cupcake stands. Not entirely sure they are going to stay together – might need to go and get some stronger glue.

We started another activity but the kids were getting a bit bored by then so we packed up to have lunch and some playtime. All in all it was a good morning.

After the others had left we continued the artistic theme when it came to a mid-afternoon snack. I’m pulling out all the stops to distract DS1 from the fact that he’s no longer allowed chocolate in the house and having to be very creative to get him excited about eating other foods. When he started pestering me for chocolate this afternoon I decided to try an idea I’d read somewhere online: bread painting. I quickly mixed some milk with red and black food colouring and grabbed a new paintbrush from our art supplies. Then we set about painting faces on a couple of slices of bread. When they were done we toasted them and spread them with honey. It worked: he ate almost an entire slice of toast – that’s a big step for him!