Hubby and I have spent most of today sorting through boxes from our loft. Some of them have been stored up there a long time. A very long time. In fact quite a few of the boxes were put up there when we moved into this house 8 years ago and have never been touched since. Emptying the loft and deciding what to take back to Australia with us is going to be a long process – but quite an interesting one. Here are some of the things we unearthed today:

  • A large box of wedding photos that have never been sorted into an album even though we’ve been married 11 years. We’ll do it one day, I promise!
  • 370 Czech Korunas from a holiday over 13 years ago – apparently that’s around £12 now – maybe I’ll take it to a bureau de change and treat myself to a nice lunch. Also a 20 French francs note – what do I do with that?
  • Lots of old photos – mostly embarrassing. And a clipping from the newspaper of me and some friends when I was 15 (and had a very bad perm – oh dear lord!)
  • Several candles that had been stored on their sides for so many years that the wax had flowed out.
  • A rug that I used to have on my floor when I was an undergraduate – I thought it was fabulous at the time (and obviously loved it enough to ship it over to London from Australia) but now it is just old, faded and very out of date. A bit sad really.

I’m finding it cathartic to throw a lot of stuff away and we are collecting a lot of things to sell at car boot sales, as well as keeping a small amount of precious or sentimental items to ship back home. But there is a layer of items in between that I’m struggling to deal with – things that I don’t feel I can throw away because they’d likely be valuable to someone but I don’t want to keep myself, and I don’t think would sell at a boot sale. Some of it might go on ebay but that’s a hassle that I’m not sure I can be bothered with right now. Might have to just bite the bullet and throw it all. But not just yet…..