When I don’t have much time or I don’t have anything particular to write about I’m going to post a quick ‘Magical Moment of the Day’. There may be quite a lot of these…..

Today we were clearing up the garden and sorting out all the various pots and stuff that has collected over the years. On one of my big potato pots there was a snail – firmly attached and hidden inside his shell. I called my nearly 3 year old son over to look, intending to gently pull the snail off and transfer it to the garden so I could stack the pots. When I went to pull it my son said, “No! Leave him alone! He’s sleeping!”

He was then absolutely transfixed when the snail emerged from its shell and started climbing the pot. According to my son it was “looking for his mummy”.

Aww, I love that he is so caring about a snail. Just wish he could follow his own advice and leave his baby brother alone when he is sleeping – lol!