My first post is inspired by the Unplug Your Kids blog and their current monthly project theme – Beach. For the last four months my eldest son (who is nearly three) has spent way too much time watching TV and DVDs as I’ve had to devote my time to the new baby who has had feeding difficulties. Now things have improved with the little one I feel we need to break the TV habit and start doing more activities together. A few days ago we did our first one.

In the morning we dyed some sand using food colourings (discovered that red, yellow and orange worked well, green and blue not so great and purple was impossible to achieve!) then we put them in the oven to dry for a few hours (semi-successfully).

In the afternoon we started filling up a couple of small wine bottles and had a great time! Had intended to do this outside as I hate sand in the house but a thunderstorm put paid to that idea – manage to contain it pretty well in the end.

We were both very pleased with the results. I still think he spent too much time watching TV during the day but it’s a start!