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It’s already fourteen days into 2011 so it’s a bit late for saying Happy New Year but what can I do – life is chaotic at the moment so I’ll blog as and when I can.

I’m not doing resolutions this year but I do want to set out my Hopes (and Fears) for 2011.

In February we will be moving from the UK (my husband’s home) to Tasmania (my home). I’m so excited to be returning home after 13 years living as an expat but also fully aware of the challenges we will face. We will be trying to build a new life for ourselves and our boys, pretty much from scratch. My fantasy life would embrace the following:

  • minimalism and simple living
  • healthy whole foods
  • grow-your-own and an element of self-sufficiency
  • starting my own sling and natural parenting business
  • home educating

However I know a lot of these are unlikely to be achievable in the short-term, or even the long term, but I like to dream and even if I can make small advances in these directions that would be something.

My fear is that we will end up simply transplanting our current lifestyle to the other side of the world and end up no better off.


This post says exactly what I think regarding the more commercial baby carriers. Recommended reading for anyone interested in buying a carrier.

Thinking Beyond the Bjorn: Considerations in Choosing a Baby Carrier « Becoming Mamas.

We’re not co-sleeping anymore.

We’re getting a little more sleep but it makes me sad.

It’s late and I need to sleep while I can so I’ll go into details another time but i just wanted to express my sadness at not having my little man lie next to me at night.


Project 333 began today – and it is a workday which meant I had to get up early and get dressed as quickly and quietly as possible so as not to wake either of the children. This morning it was an absolute breeze! No messing around trying to find a suitable outfit – I simply opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of jeans and smart t-shirt from the tops of the piles. Job done. No need to rummage, or even think about it. I knew that everything was a) suitable to wear to work (work dress is casual but not scruffy); b) coordinated; and c) clean.

The only fail came when I was about to leave the house and decided it was cold enough to warrant wearing a hat. I haven’t yet sorted out the drawer of hats, scarves, gloves etc and I couldn’t easily find the one I had decided was part of my 33 items. So I went without a hat (it wasn’t that cold after all). Tonight I’m going to rectify that problem.

I also started tracking my project on daytum.com (here) as inspired by this guy.

I’m stupidly excited about this!

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of minimalist websites and blogs (particularly Becoming Minimalist, Minimalist Moms and mnmlist). I’ve finding myself more and more drawn to the ethos of minimalism – at the moment I feel like I’m drowning in ‘stuff’ and clutter. I’m looking forward to a fresh start when we move to Australia and I want to make sure we don’t end up in the same situation again.

But where to start?

My attention was caught by Project 333 running on Be More With Less . The project is to choose just 33 items of clothing to wear for 3 months (1 October to 31 December).

This sounded like something acheivable, and would end the daily frustration of searching through a drawer full of clothes for something suitable to wear. So I’ve decided to join in. Yes, I’m  a month behind but that doesn’t matter. I’ll just start on 1 November and end on 31 January instead. With a bit of luck that period will include out move when I’ll have to live out of a suitcase for a while anyway so this should make it easy.

So today I sorted through all my clothes, picked my 33 items and threw everything else into packing boxes to be sealed up for the time being. The rules of the challenge state that the 33 items doesn’t include wedding ring, underwear, sleepwear, in-home lounge wear or workout wear.

I don’t really do jewellery but I do wear an extra ring on my right hand. Thai is as permanent as my wedding ring (it was the first ring my husband ever bought me) so I’m keeping it on. I don’t workout but I do take the boys swimming so I have a few pieces of swimming gear. And I have a pair of yoga pants and a big comfy cardigan as ‘lounge wear’. The cardie is one I would often wear out as well but I promise not to do so for the duration of the challenge.

My only other addition to the 33 items is one pair of shorts, one pair of cropped trousers and one pair of sandals – these are for if we do make it to Australia within the three months. I think it’s a bit much to ask a wardrobe of just 33 items to cope with both a London winter and an Australian summer!

I’m excited to get started and see how this goes. It was very satisfying emptying out my drawers and wardrobes and seeing those boxes fill up. The final items may change slightly over the next couple of days so I’ll post a list next week.

My first step on the road to minimalism…..or some approximation of it.

I haven’t posted much lately because I’m not sure of the direction this blog should take (and I’ve had very little time).

I originally thought it would be about parenting, particularly my journey in attachment parenting. But lately I’ve often found myself wanting to write about other things and so I’ve just not written anything at all.

So I’m just going to forget about the “master plan” for a while and write about whatever I feel like. I’m going to aim to post at least once a day even if it’s only a few sentences or a couple of links. And in a few weeks time I’ll stop to take stock again and see if I can find a new direction for this blog.

Please bear with me…and enjoy the ride!

….going to work while my husband stays home with the kids

  • having a hot cup of tea without being interrupted or having to put it out of reach of the baby then forgetting about it.
  • time on the train to sleep or read a book.
  • being able to start a job and continue working on it until it is finished.

…coming home from work to my boys

  • the big grin from my 3 -year old when he sees me
  • the summary he gives me of his day while we drive home from the station which always ends with “And then I saw you!”
  • the single-mindedness with which my 7-month old breastfeeds as he catches up on his day’s supply of milk.